Tenant Questions & Answers

Whether you're a seasoned pro or your a newbie at renting residential homes, our team is equipped with everything you need to get the ball rolling. We can guide you through the application process, ensure that that the lease signing is smooth and seamless as well as put you at ease knowing that your home is professionally managed by the Whitmore Team of O48 Realty.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What if I need maintenance?

  • Where do I pay/send in my rent?

  • What do I do if I need to move out?

  • I received an HOA violation

  • What day is rent considered late?



How do I view an available home for rent?


Click on our 'Property Management" dropdown and click 'rentals' to view our available rentals.



Q: How to I apply for one of your rental properties?

A: You can visit on our Property Management page and scroll down to print our rental             application.

Q: What are the qualifications to be approved for one of your rental properties?

A: Our qualifications are based off of a 3 tier system: 1- credit, 2- income and                             3- previous landlord/rental history.  We want to make sure that combined, all adults        applying make a minimum of 3x the monthly rent (gross income), we need to make            sure you have established stable employment as well as good rental/mortgage                    payment history.

Q: What if I need to have something in my home fixed or repaired?

A:  Call our office immediately at (480) 369-6656 . Whether its a malfunctioning                         garbage disposal, leaky sprinkler head in the yard or a running toilet, we  are here             for you. Our maintenance tech will not only fix the issue, but also repair it to                           prevent any further issues in the future.

Q: Where and who do I send my rent to?

A:  All tenants must send their rent payments to our office located at: 1744 S. Val Vista         Dr Ste #214, Mesa, AZ 85204. Make all checks or money orders out to: O48                             Realty. Please keep in mind that our office does not have a night dropbox so all rent           will either need to be mailed to us via USPS or hand delivered in our office. For our             office hours, please click HERE.

Q: What day is rent considered late? 

A:  All rent MUST be submitted to our office no later than the 5th in order to avoid late           fees. All mailed in rents must be dated/post marked no later than the 5th of any                   month in to avoid late charges. All rents are due on the first of the month, late after           the 5th. All rents must be submitted before 5:00pm on the 5th day of the month to               be considered on time.

Q: I will be paying my rent late this month, what are my late charges?

A:  Each property may have a different late charge based off a previous lease                             agreement if the property was brought into management with us, already                               occupied with a tenant.  Please refer to the bottom  of page 2 of your Lease                             Agreement or call our office for more details pertaining to your late fees.

Q: I received an HOA violation letter, what do I do?

A: Tenants can receive an HOA violation letter for a number of issues such as:                           trash/recycle bins being left out on non-pick up days, illegal street parking,                           unapproved modification to the property, oil stains in driveway, weeds in the yards,           inappropriate window coverings (i.e: blankets, aluminum foil, etc). If you have                     received an HOA violation letter, it is important that you address and correct the                 violation immediately in order to avoid a monetary fine from the Home Owners                     Association. Please also provide our office with a copy of the violation for our                       records. If you have questions regarding an HOA violation letter tha you have                       received, please feel free to call our office at (480) 369-6656.     

Q: My lease is about to expire, how do I notify you that I am going to move out?

A:   All tenants must provide our office with a written Notice to Vacate, we will not                     accept a verbal 30 day notice. Your notice can be sent to us via email, fax or                           USPS.  We can only accept Notice to Vacates on the 1st of a month which means                   that the tenant will be released from the lease on the last day of that month.

Q: I need to break my lease, what do I do?

A:  Each tenant is obligated to fulfill their lease term as it is written in their executed              Lease Agreement however, we understand that sometimes situations pop up and a            tenant has to move out early. If a tenant needs to break their lease, the tenant                      is still required to give us a written Notice to Vacate on the 1st of any month (as                    stated above in previous paragraph). Tenant needs to submit this Notice to Vacate            to our office 30 days in advance. The break lease fee is equal to two months rent                or twice the actual damages sustained by the home owner. The break lease fee                    must be paid in certified funds and be delivered to our office along with your                          written Notice to Vacate. 


Are Pets Allowed?

There are some private home owners that have preferences on allowing pets. Each property is different and we ask that you speak to your Real Estate Agent or a Whitmore Team staff member to verify if pets will be allowed in your rental home and the deposit required.

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If you are a tenant and you are experiencing a maintenance emergency after business hours, please contact our Broker, Tyler Whitmore at (602) 579-3888