When considering to sell your home, the professionals from the Whitmore Real Estate Team will effectively help you create the proper marketing strategy. These detailed strategies have proven effective time and time again.  We understand how daunting the real estate market can be, furthermore, we will ease you through the process step by step.  We will get you the price you deserve and we will make sure your property sells as soon as possible.


The proof is in the pudding, just ask our clients! 


Our goal is to go above and beyond for our clients, not only because we love what we do, but because we solely depend on their experience with us. That is why we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are HIGHLY satisfied.  Along with our expertise and excellent customer care,  we bring creative and unique assets to our deals that can only come with time and experience.  Lets get selling! 

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The Whitmore Team's Real Estate Agents can set a price on a home the minute they walk through the door. We have a lot of experience in a market, we know how well a neighborhood holds its value, too. While anyone can spend a few minutes online and pull information on sales of comparable houses, Whitmore Team agents have the experience to know whether a specific house is overpriced or underpriced. 


Not only can our agents provide all the data on local home sales that you want to see, but they can also bring assets to the deal that come from years of watching waves of transactions in the neighborhood.  


A Whitmore Real Estate Agent's knowledge of the local area, the type of properties for sale within it and the potential demand will allow them to calculate your property's value accurately and realistically for sale. They are able to substantiate why your home will sell, the kind of buyers that might be interested in it and how best to present and promote the property to that target market.

We work strictly from client referrals.

Housing Market Trends in Your Neighborhood!

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One of the most significant advantages that O48 Realty has over all other Real Estate companies in the Valley is that we offer you a 24' moving truck to help you move! If you use The Whitmore Team to sell your current home and to help you purchase your next home, you can use our moving truck for FREE! Not only do we help you buy and sell both of your homes, but we help you move too!

Want to move for FREE?

Tips on Staging Your Home for Sale

1. Make room. Clear out as much furniture as you can. Put it in storage, give it to Goodwill Industries or have a garage sale.

2. Use counter intelligence. Go through the house and clear off all the horizontal surfaces like kitchen and bathroom countertops. 

3. Follow your nose. A home should smell good. That means no noticeable odor -- no pet scent, no stale cooking smells and no cigarette smoke.
4. Learn to love white walls. When it comes to walls, color is popular. The problem is that the next buyer might not like the same colors. 


 Our Team wants to give you the confidence you need, knowing you will get an offer on your home, before you even list with your home with us.   

The Whitemore Team office Location

1744 S. Val Vista Dr Suite #206

Mesa, AZ 85204

Our office relocated to a beautifully remodeled suite at The Dana Park Village Square off of Val Vista and the 60 freeway. Our office is perfectly located next to Barnes and Noble. Stop by and visit us today!

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