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Since not all investment properties are the same, it's important to determine what type of property fits your strategy. We are here to help!

A Turn-Key Solution to Investment Real Estate

 High Yield Properties, LLC


    High Yield Properties, LLC is an investment avenue that has provided fantastic returns for investors and beautifully remodeled homes for buyers. Similar to Property Brothers of HGTV, High Yield Properties, LLC buys properties in any condition and rehabs them for high returns or prospective buyers that are trying to get into a neighborhood that they can not afford to do themselves.


We also provide an path for buyers who do not have the extra money to do repairs or make the property what they want the opportunity to get the property remodeld in the most cost effective way and build those costs into the loan. This opportunity has been a lifesaver for our clients and has allowed them to compete with cash investors and save thousands!


We have purchased over 60 homes since 2010 and returned investors over $1,000,000 in profits. For more information on how to invest with us, please email Tyler Whitmore or speak to him directly at (602) 579-3888.




The investment process is divided into three critial phases:

                1. Acquisition                                     2. Renovation                     3. Marketing/Selling/Leasing


Phase 1


In the Acquisition Phase, High Yield Properties, LLC will provide the following services:


​ Track and watch each potential property coming up for foreclosure and keep track of their postponements, cancellations, liens and back taxes.

​​Identify required capital expenditures to minimize resell/leasing period

  Research each potential property going         to auction, which also includes:                      - Determine the fair market value                  - Research length of commitment to                   sell/lease the property                                     - Research  sold properties around                     the neighborhood to determine                         popular payment methods (cash,                     FHA, conventional, etc) and how                     that might affect future property                     sales.                                                                       - Evaluate neighborhoods for                               selling benefits and/or potential                     issues (i.e. vandalism, theft,                               threats, gated community,                                 community pool, golf properties ,                     etc.)                                                                         - Research current short sales and                      bank owned homes in the area                          and determine whether or not the                    appraised value of the proposed                      home can compete.                                          -  Identify a maximum bid that will                      generate a minimum target ROI.        

Phase 2


In the Renovation Phase, High Yield Properties, LLC will provide the following services:


  • ​ Acquire insurance for the property

  •  Use extensive network of contractors  and associates to rapidly prepare the  house for sale. These task may include  but are not limited to:                                  -  Removing and/or upgrading                         carpet, replacing/upgrading                       kitchen appliances.                                   -  Paintingthe property, repairing                  drywall holes, plumbing issues,                  roof issues, etc.                                            -  Cleaning and fixing swimming                    pool (if applicable).                                    -  Professional cleaning of the                        interior of the property.                           -  Professionally staging the                           house with furniture and/or                         other decorative needs.                           -  Professional landscaping                             services.                                

Phase 3


In the Marketing/Selling/Leasing Phase, High Yield Properties, LLC will provide the following services:


  • Sales:                                                                  - Market the property on the Multiple         Listing Service (MLS)                                   - Stage property, take extensive                    photos and video of the property       - Employ a 1-800 Call Capture                        System to generate buyer leads              - Advertise on and all              affiliate websites                                        - Track, monitor and follow up on all           agent showings                                           -  Average time on market is 90-120             days (will vary with prevailing                     market conditions) 

  • Leasing/Property Management :               -  Aggressive marketing and                             advertising                                                     -  Initiation of leases and tenant                    placement                                                      - Rigorous credit, income and criminal       screening                                                        -  Regular property inspections/                    maintenance coordination                          -  Modern online accounting and                    financial reporting                                      -  Complete eviction and legal                        processing                                                      -  All leasing services provided through       O48 Realty    

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