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Sold to Open Door

Lost 15%

Sold with Whitmore team

Net 10% more

We will buy your home or fix it up for you to make sure you get top dollar.

See the Whitmore Difference

We will take all the stress of selling the home so you can focus on more important things like moving or buying you next home.

Home. It's the most important purchase you'll ever make let us show you how to make the process of buying a house go smoothly and trouble-free.

We help investors buy "fix and flips" or "buy and hold" properties. We can help you find discounted homes in appreciating areas for the best ROI and then manage it for you for a low flat fee!

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Offer pad

  • Single agent

  • Risk of buyer financing falling through​

  • List on the market for an average 62 days until closing​

Help with repairs to net you more money

Strong team with over 30 years experience 

Guaranteed sale​

  • Home is resold for a large profit​

  • Large deduction for repairs and fees

  • Sell instantly, but well below market value​


Free local or long distance move


Brian Bentley

"From beginning to end, he leveraged his professional experience, creativity and tireless work ethic to help us close our deal. There were several unexpected and disappointing delays with the process but Tyler was relentless in keeping the ball rolling and holding the other 'professionals' accountable."


You read that correctly. Whether you use us to buy or sell a home, your move is FREE! Skeptical? Scroll Down...


How does it work?

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Buying a Home 

Home. It's the most important purchase you'll ever make and the process can be challenging. Let us show you how to make the process of buying a house go smoothly and trouble-free.


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 Our Team wants to give you the confidence you need, knowing you will get an offer on your home, before you even list with your home with us.   

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How we give you the perfect offer


Deep experience

We've flipped hundreds of homes, giving us an extensive understanding of market trends and conditions.


Unique inputs from you

Tell us about your home's most unique features and we'll use those details to sell your home the best price.


Neighborhood comparisons

We look at comparable homes that have recently sold near you and will take that into account when we sell your home.